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Common Questions

What does Sango do

Sango is a hand sanitizer dispenser that holds up to 16ml of hand sanitizer that attaches to the back of mobile devices and includes an integrated card holder with space for up to 2 cards.

How does Sango work

Sango works by filling up the device with your preference of gel hand sanitizer.

Once filled pull the slide back and squeeze a small amount on to your hands.

Slide 1 or 2 cards in from the bottom for easy accessibility

How does Sango attach to your phone

Sango uses an adhesive that securely attaches it to the back of the phone. We recommend attaching it to a phone case.

Sango fits most phones and cases depending on size, material and surface texture.

It does not adhere to silicon or soft touch cases

PopSocket™️ Compatible

Introducing a seamless blend of convenience: Sango, compatible with your favorite PopSocket™️! Enjoy the freedom to sanitize, hold your cards, and grip your phone all at once. With Sango’s sleek design, attaching to your smartphone alongside a PopSocket™️ is effortless. Experience unmatched ease and style – because your phone accessories should enhance your life, not complicate it.

Ready for wherever Life Takes You


Sango introduces a new era of convenience, blending a hand sanitizer dispenser and a card holder in one compact accessory. Experience the ease – fill it with your preferred gel sanitizer, attach it to your smartphone, and you're ready to face the day. To sanitize, effortlessly slide open and give a gentle squeeze for a quick hygiene fix. Moreover, the integrated card holder feature ensures your essential cards are always within arm's reach. Sango effortlessly unites hygiene and organization, doing away with the hassle of carrying additional items, making it a must-have smartphone accessory for the health-conscious individual.


With Sango, our vision is to revolutionize hand hygiene by making it effortlessly accessible. Sango, our innovative product, epitomizes this vision by combining a sleek hand sanitizer dispenser with a convenient card holder. Our aim is clear and straightforward: to enhance healthy habits and simplify your essential carry-ons.

Sango redefines convenience by keeping sanitization within arm's reach, reducing the need for a separate wallet. Its sturdy design promises lasting use, and its compact form is compatible with most mobile phones and cases, making it perfect for travel and daily life. With its streamlined design, Sango not only enhance your mobile device but also merges practicality with convenience.

Elevate your daily routine with Sango. Join us in embracing a smarter, more organized approach to health and wellness. Become a part of our community today and experience the transformative impact of Sango in every aspect of your life!

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